September 24, 2020

Install the Latest Kodi

How to install kodi 18.5 on all devices

NEW REPO – “How to Install Jazz Build” – Small, Quick and Powerful – Build Series

Here is the Jazz Build from the Pulse Wizard. I will give a quick tutorial with a step by step process on how to install the build for Kodi. If you’d like a small Kodi Build that has a size of under 100 MB, with everything you need and no filler (Movies, TV Shows to Live TV and Live Sport) then look no further then the Jazz Build. It is a perfect option for older devices and devices with limited space (such as the FireStick and some 1GB devices).

Updated with a new repo! 2019-02-12


Please Note: Certain section of these videos maybe blurred in an effort to avoid potential monitization issues. But all content is used under “Fair Use” see below.

Various Music Credits

Hello Mr. Princeton by Otis McDonald
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License

Not The Cypher by BenJamin Banger
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License

E.R.F. by Bensound
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License

Ever Felt Pt.1 – Otis McDonald
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License

Diamond Ortiz – Mirror Mirror
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License

Some videos may use various sounds from Freesound
That fall under Creative Commons Zero

If I missed a credit or if you would like to submit a song please contact me I will gladly add you to the list of collaborations.

Past Songs

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