October 22, 2020

Install the Latest Kodi

How to install kodi 18.5 on all devices

new build video

Here is a way to get a new fork for your box

Ok this is what you need to do

1. Go to your main screen and go to apps

2. Find google and open it up and set it up.

3. type url in It will download

4. Now click open. If you messed that up. Go back to your main screen go to apps then file browser then local disk then to download then the file will be there. click on it.

5. When you install it might ask you to open a security setting. This is fine. This is so you can install the app.

6. now go back to the main screen go to apps then file browser then local disk then to download then the file will be there. click on it.

7. Go install

8. now go to the main screen. go to the app then find the filelinked filed and open it up

9. Once it is opened. put the code on the screen in where it asks for a code 85810914

10. Then go to Diggs kodi 18 with xenon build in

11. click the download and install

12. install it. Then go back to the main screen. to apps then find kodi 18.3

13. Open app and WAIT. There will be screen that pops up with A wizard called Chef Wizard

14. Click continue and the build menu will popup

15.Then go to Diggs RedBolt or any one you want. Just look at the date on the left below the picture for the when the build was updated

16. The next screen will ask you for a fresh install and a simple install. Click simple install and it will ask you Would you like to install. Click yes

17. Let it download and install. Once it is download loaded and installed. It will boot you out

18. Now go back into the app and let it load in. This can take up to 10 mins . PLEASE WAIT FOR THIS TO FINISH DOWNLOAD.

19. Once everything is downloaded. Start checking it out.

We have nothing to do with this app. We do not own this app nor do we put addons for you. So please don’t ask us



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