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Diggz New Install Xenon 19.8.2 for both previous users and those new to Xenon

Diggz New Install Xenon 19.8.2 for both previous users and those new to Xenon
go to this link for the advanced settings
You can email me at: turnerjustshowme@gmail.com
Main searchable Scrapers for Movies and TV Shows
Scrubs V2
Tubi TV
Optional whatever you like
All optional choices for Live TV and Sports
7 of 9
Rising Tides
Pay attention to the Trakt setting for the Library if you’re having a problem
Xenon Video user manual all the steps and the links
Step 1 APK’s Factory Reset update Kodi 18.2

Step 2 Load a Build and your basic settings

Step 3 Sign up and settings Trakt,Real-Debrid OpenSubtitles

Step 4 Backup Move and Clone using ES File Explorer

Step 5 Settings for Add-ons Fine Tuning for performance

Step 6 Your own Wallpapers for the personal touch

Step 7 Visual Setting Changes and Turn Off Unneeded Areas

Step 8 Install Widget Shortcuts SubMenus for Add-ons we Enabled

Step 9 adding a repository for new Add-ons

Step 10 Menus, Trakt Library, Favorites and SubTitles

Step 11 Super Favorites

Step 12 TroubleShooting Problems with the Build

Step 13 Buffering Problems

Some Advanced settings for install

Kodi APK’s and Add-ons

Latest versions of Kodi

Watch this Video by TROYPOINT on using OTG cabling DOES AN EXECELANT JOB

To sign up for Trakt

To activate

Sign up for real Debrid

To activate

Download APK’s

Sign up Subtitles at (It’s FREE)

You can email me at: turnerjustshowme@gmail.com
Adult Area password 69
If you want to stay on top of the Kodi info, check these guys out
Honorable Mentions
Stephen Cornelious (Reviews and tech advice and Live stream Tuesdays 8:00pm central with giveaway some times, ALSO a must for Shield users)

Electrical M.D. (A Must for Fire TV and Fire Sticks users)

Note I’m not connected to Xenon, Kodi or any builder I’m just a User like the rest of us trying to help with solving some problems and throwing in a few discoveries along the way. If you have any suggestions for future videos.


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