September 26, 2023

Install the Latest Kodi

How to install kodi 18.5 on all devices

Buffering and getting the most out of Real Debrid and Addon Settings

Buffering and getting the most out of Real Debrid and Addon Settings

An Old man’s guide to modifying a Kodi Build (1:43)

Diggz URL
Links of Interest
How To Setup The Nvidia Shield TV

FIRESTICK full beginners

Diggz Team Facebook page

Any questions given to me need to include
What device are you using (PC, Stick, Shield, Android box)?
What version Kodi are you using (17.6, 18.4, 18.5)?
Are you using a VPN?
Are you using Real-Debrid?
What version Xenon are you using?
What add-on are you having the problem with?
What Movie or TV Show are you trying to get?
And when you shoot a question and need an answer give me awhile to reply.
Please get right back with an answer if I need to have you fill in the blanks.

If you want to kick in a couple bucks to Diggz to help cover his server charges

The Best VPN Review

5 Eyes, 9 Eyes & 14-Eyes Countries and VPN Jurisdiction

Real-Debrid and VPN provider

Diggz URL
Sign up for real Debrid

You can email me at:
Fix Fire Stick Buffering Problems

Kodi APK’s and Add-ons

Latest versions of Kodi

To sign up for Trakt

To activate

Sign up for real Debrid

To activate

Download APK’s

Sign up Subtitles at (It’s FREE)

Adult Area password 69
If you want to stay on top of the Kodi info, check these guys out
Honorable Mentions:
A must if you’re using Fire Sticks or Android devices.
Check out and subscribe to TechDoctorUK
Check out and subscribe to Electric MD Fire Sticks (formally Electrical MD)

For the Shield and Kodi in General (and The Best go to guy for Gamming also)
Stephen Cornelious (Reviews and tech advice and Live stream Tuesdays 8:00pm central, ALSO a must for Shield users)

Note I’m not connected to Xenon, Kodi or any builder I’m just a User like the rest of us trying to help with solving some problems and throwing in a few discoveries along the way. If you have any suggestions for future videos.
You can email me at:


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