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Amazon Fire Stick Buffering | FIX BUFFERING | SPEED TEST | BUFFERING TUTORIAL FAST.COM #4kfirestick #buffering


1st in a series teaching you how to diagnose buffering issue by running a speed test on amazon 4k firestick.

There are several factors that cause your movie, show, or live tv to buffer. This step addresses the wifi speed. It is recommended the minimum speed coming into your device is 10 to 15 Mbps.

5 tips

1. Run a speed test on the firestick to first get an idea of the wifi or connected download speed (Mbps ) coming into the device. Heres how, open the internet browser app and type “speed test” , choose a few links to get the average download speed.
Note: you need a minimum of 10-15 Mbps to stream with no issues.

2. Reboot your internet router and firestick every week. Unplug power for 5 minutes. This will clear old data packs, close any apps running in the background, and allow the capacitor to cool. If you’ve never done this, you will notice a huge improvement.

3. Uninstall any applications you no longer use or want. The applications take up memory and processing speed. Then clear the cache of each app you choose to keep.

4. Pause the movie or tv show (doesn’t apply for live IPTV services) and get some popcorn then resume. The movie plays from data stored in a temporary cache while more data is streamed onto the device. #Buffering occurs when this doesn’t happen quickly enough.

5. Choose a different stream for the movie you want to watch. The particular stream you choose may have issues on their end. If I am watching a movie, I will back out and go in different link.

6. Bonus: Place the router as high as possible and in a central location of all devices in the home if possible and not obstructed by or behind any electronics. Where do Home Depot, Walmarts, etc have their routers? In the ceilings….the signal is not obstructed and can reach maximum coverage.

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