July 6, 2022

Install the Latest Kodi

How to install kodi 18.5 on all devices

2019 Kodi walkthrough. Kodi tips and tricks! playing movies and shows! How to use Kodi build

I’m this video you will get a walkthrough of not only the Misfit mods hardnox build… but this walkthrough will be good for anyone who wants to better understand Kodi… Basically a Kodi tutorial!if you have a Kodi build different than the hard nox build… Chances are you can still follow along exactly for the most part… 90% of the bills out today use the aeon nox skin which is the same skin used in this…but most importantly, you get to see how to play movies… Avoid what I think is the most common mistake when people try to play movies on the Kodi add-ons that are movie / TV show scrapers…Also how to use the settings while watching a movie or TV show! How to get rid of subtitles, if you get a link is not in English, how to switch it to English…if you finally find that perfect link but the lips aren’t moving with the words… How to adjust the audio offset…. How to adjust the Kodi build to fit your TV screen better and a whole lot more! You will find the link below and how to install this build exactly as you see it… You also find a video both for Android devices, Xboxes and Nvidia Shield and how to install my complete setup… As well as that same video but for Fire TV sticks and other Fire TV devices… There’s also a link for my video onthe fastest way to get access to Kodi, Kodi forks and every APK available today in case you want to do your own set up….

How to install this build exactly as you see it…of course you can find a thousand places on YouTube to install the hard nox build by the misfitmods….but this link is my video on how to install it and then how to change up the widgets and addons… Basically super charge it and most importantly add the buffer fix…

Here’s the link for my video onhow to get Kodi, some Kodi forks and every APK available as of 2019 October… In just five minutes and from One source…so if you’re not interested in doing my complete setup below… Gives you access to everything so you can just pick and choose what you want to install… But I highly recommend the Fire TV bully set up for any device! I don’t think you will find a better performing set up anywhere else….

Clerk of the following link for my complete setup, the “Fire TV bully set up” (the best) for Android boxes, Nvidia Shield’s and all other Android devices…

Click the following link for the absolute best setup “Fire TV bully set up” on Fire Sticks and all other Fire TV devices


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